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About Civic Learning Week

About Civic Learning Week

Civic Learning Week (CLW) is hosted annually by iCivics and seeks to highlight the importance of civic education in sustaining and strengthening constitutional democracy in the United States. By highlighting the civic knowledge, skills, and dispositions that provide...

First civics education event held at West Virginia Culture Center

First civics education event held at West Virginia Culture Center

CHARLESTON, W.Va. — The first “Civics Education: Now More Than Ever” event was educating students and adults alike on the importance of civics and practicing good citizenship in today’s society. The event, hosted by the West Virginia Civics Coalition was held at the...


America 250 WV

The West Virginia Semiquincentennial Commission was created by the West Virginia Legislature, through the passage of House Bill 2916 on April 7, 2021, to support the celebration of the 250th anniversary of our nation’s founding. The Legislature finds that the 250th anniversary of our nation’s founding is of such historical significance as to warrant its commemoration. The purpose of the Commission is to prepare for and commemorate the semiquincentennial.

American Heritage Education Foundation

American Heritage Education Foundation

K-College Free Lesson Plans and Educational Resources on American Social Studies, History, Government, & Political Philosophy

American Heritage Education Foundation

Center for Civic Education Lesson Plans

The Center for Civic Education helps students develop (1) an increased understanding of the institutions of constitutional democracy and the fundamental principles and values upon which they are founded, (2) the skills necessary to participate as competent and responsible citizens, and (3) the willingness to use democratic procedures for making decisions and managing conflict. Ultimately, the Center strives to develop an enlightened citizenry by working to increase understanding of the principles, values, institutions, and history of constitutional democracy among teachers, students, and the general public.

Center for Civic Education

iCivics Curriculum Units

Take the guesswork out of planning with topically organized middle and high school units of study. Our curriculum units are arranged by topic and can be used just like a chapter or unit of a textbook. Each unit contains a variety of resources. A suggested Scope and Sequence can be found in the teacher resources below, but unit resources are also designed for you to mix and match based on your needs.

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iCivics Teacher Resources

iCivics champions equitable, non-partisan civic education so that the practice of democracy is learned by each new generation. We work to inspire life-long civic engagement by providing high quality and engaging civics resources to teachers and students across our nation.

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Missouri Bar Teacher Lesson Plans

This website offers an array of lesson plans and resources designed to provide you with free, high-quality materials that will not only challenge your students but also ignite their critical thinking, creativity, and independent thought processes, all within the context of American Government. These materials have been developed by successful teachers who have used them in their classrooms. We believe these scenarios, hypotheticals, questions, and discussion topics will enrich the experience of your students and enhance your enjoyment of your professional activities.

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Ohio Center for Law-Related Education

The Ohio Center for Law-Related Education (OCLRE) provides Ohio’s students and teachers with exciting academic programs and resources, designed to engage students in learning about government, law, and the importance of active citizenship.


PBS Learning Media

WVPB and PBS have curated FREE, curriculum-aligned videos, interactives, lesson plans, and more for teachers like you.

PBS Learning Media

Teaching Civics

Our extensive library of civics lesson plans makes it easy to find the right lesson at the right time for the right students. These lessons include materials developed by Learning Law and Democracy Foundation and lessons written by others, vetted and linked to their source.

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Texas Law Related Education

Lesson Plans

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Verizon Social Studies Lessons


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